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Turnkey laser mapping system: the complete solution to your needs

Designed for GPS-denied, constricted and inaccessible zones

Laser based Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) operation with Dual SLAM

Integration in mining automation systems and routine flights

WHAT we do

Many underground zones in mines, tunnels, pipes, etc. are often dangerous to access or simply inaccessible.

Inkonova offers turnkey, areal solutions with 3D laser scan model generation. While precise 3D models are created, the drone operation is based on real-time visualization of the scanned area allowing on-the-fly zooming in/out, rotate, etc.: True all-around awareness!

This superior real-time visualisation from 3D laser data outperform camera-based (FPV) systems: “Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) made easy”.

Easy navigation in tight areas, with no light
Autonomy and collision avoidance
No drone piloting skills needed
3D laser scan model generation while navigating

HOW we do it

Our LiDAR-based scanning drone solution is easy to use and generates less errors resulting from automating the the flying and operation process:

  • Rotating 3D lidar
  • Foldable
  • Twin battery
  • Up to 15 mins flight time
  • Modular – sensor and computer modules can be mounted on handheld or other interfaces
  • Land the drone and download the scanned area model in few minutes!

We offer reliable, safe and cost-efficient solutions for problems in the underground sectors. 


Choose the best perspective of the area during flight

Choose the best perspective of the area during flight

Beyond-line-of-sight mapping multiple stopes in Chile

Beyond-line-of-sight laser scanning of an old mine section in Kazakhstan

Beyond-line-of-sight, tight, stope scanning in Turkey

How do you laser scan with a Dual SLAM drone

About us

Inkonova AB was founded in June 2014 and originally focused on drones with the tilt-rotor technolgy for the racing and consumer markets. 

However, by the end of 2015, we decided to focus on technology and product development for the industrial sector. Most traction was found in the underground mining sector and this became thus our main target market.

Today, we develop both underground robotics for inspection as well as 3D mapping solutions mainly employing SLAM-based technologies.